About the photographer

Me, who am I? Well I should not be rude, it is impolite not to talk to people, so I will get started and introduce myself to you all, give you some of my background and in general just say hello to you. I hope each of you will enjoy my photography.

My name is Fraser, I was born in Scotland in the late 70's and have continued to live in Scotland for most of my life. I am proud to say I am Scottish with all the heritage and culture that goes along with it. I had a very quiet upbringing in a small family with one sister and now two very special and amazing nieces that I wish I could see more often. My life has very much reflected this quiet upbringing, being generally a reserved and very introverted person, also I tend not to let people know me unless they are important to me, as a result most people do not know me well or who I am. When I do let people in then they find someone who would do anything for them. 

When I was younger I tended not to travel, especially when it came to travelling abroad, my mum was not a great fan of flying no matter how short the flight would be. We used to stick to camping holidays in Scotland for the most part. Though there were a couple of trips out of the country on the occasions where my mum managed to experience extra bravery. In the last few years however I have very much developed the travel bug. Part of that is the interest in seeing and exploring my own home nation fully. I have spent time exploring and discovering Scotland, seeing many of the places I did know about before but had not visited as well as some of the vast amount of places I did not know existed. During my travels I have found enjoyment in taking photographs and understanding part of who I am as well as getting a lot of fitness at the same time from hill climbing, walking. Mostly though I have a need inside now to travel the world, to meet interesting and wonderful people, to take images that represent the places, the culture and people I have met. I have been lucky enough to visit a number of places such as Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Spain so far. With time I would like to be able to venture out into new places and discover new cultures. Hopefully you will see some of this in the images on the website as well as the improvement in the images I produce as my skills and abilities grow through experience.

My current career, or day job is as a computer support engineer working on various systems for customers. I have always been a logical person so this better suited my working style and character, I changed career into my current profession in my early 20's I would guess It was. Before this I worked for a number of years in the retail sector, working my way up into management this however is an extremely stressful line of work and I did not see myself wanting to be doing that when I got older. My real passion though is photography, this is the pastime I enjoy, it relaxes me, it also gives me something to do that both challenges me and also allows me to express myself. I am at my most creative when I am taking photographs, particularly those images I have planned and have a meaning behind them. I have a wish to create true stories in my images, to produce things of value and to eventually create books as well as simple sets of images. I also want images I am happy to hang on my own wall as much as I would like people to feel happy with them if they hang the images on their own walls. I am hoping that you come to like the images I produce and I am not planning to push my photography onto people or to search out for people to follow my photography. I prefer to have people come to my images in an organic way and to like them for what they are. That way I will know that those who like my images like them on their merit. 

In recent years I have gone through a number of changes however it has been in 2013/2014 that the biggest changes in my life and who I have come to be, this has probably been the most important point in my life. Realising just what is actually important to me, seeing the positive in life and the importance of caring not just for others but for myself. Knowing how to love but also the importance of love when it is given to others with meaning not just freely to anyone. I have become self sufficient and actually like who I am, where I am in life and see the wonders of everything around me. I am no longer fixated simply with pleasing others to be happy myself, I am there to help others but also can be happy in myself. I am getting there with no longer being scared to do things, go places, ask or talk to people. Although I live up to my star sign, being a quiet, somewhat introverted person, I am breaking down some of those barriers while keeping others that are important. If any of that makes sense to you. I am no longer afraid to admit I am a sensitive soul and that is nothing to be ashamed of, while at the same time discovering the wild, the darker and hidden extroverted side in me. The greatest lessons I have learned though are that you are only happy inside when you are completely open and honest with everyone, when you can show who you are, that nothing is solved by avoiding things or lying to yourself, only by talking and being that open, honest person. You can never achieve anything by being the type of person seeking others attention or praise. Material things no longer drive me nor is my primary aim the collection of things to make me happy. I finally have achieved a good work/life balance and I am a far more settled, whole person. In general I have become a very happy person, life is now enjoyable and I am willing to experience what it has to offer.

It really has not been a very easy last couple of years and learning curve though. I have had to deal with feelings and emotions I would have preferred not to have had to face. If you want to get to know me though, probably the best place to start is to follow my blog. I am not the most eloquent of people and trying to explain who I am in a way contradicts with my introverted nature. Over time you should be able to get to know who I am much better from my images, the blog posts as well as the social network pages I maintain. You will find my blog on this site in the content section and links to the social media at the bottom of every page on this site.