About the website

  • Website - Arock Images
  • Run by - Fraser Catlin
  • Location - Edinburgh

Firstly and most importantly of all I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit my website and welcome, without you visiting there would not be much point in me running a website nor would I have a audience for my work. I started this website and Arock Images in general as a way for me to better showcase some of the photography but also to express myself, so you may come across my tagline, 'photography from the soul' as a result (that is explained in my discussion later on why I took up photography). Like many others I have been using Facebook and Flickr as well as many other methods to share images previously, however I wanted to connect those together and link the to a more professional website. I hope that this website will better allow me to present my work to you and will mature alongside my photography. Not only will you find examples of my work within the pages of my portfolio gallery but also alongside this you will find news and articles, reviews, training and also a blog allowing you to keep up with what I am up too.

The main areas of the website can be found as follows :-


The portfolio will provide a selection of my work chosen to showcase the images I have produced, the type of photography I like. The selection is being refined at the moment and will be updated on a regular basis I hope. It will not show every single image I have ever produced. I feel sometimes that showing every single image in a portfolio is too overwhelming. It is possibly to find more of my images by visiting either my Flickr or Facebook pages, you will find links to these at the very bottom of every page on this website.


The shop is currently being created, I need to find a suitable partner that I can work with to produce, prints, canvases and other medium for printed images in a quality I am happy with, along with value for the customers who would purchase them. Once I have formed a partnership with a suitable company I will launch the shop properly and give everyone the opportunity to purchase some of my work. In the meantime for the fine art you can visit my sales section, if there is anything else you see that you would like please feel free to get in touch.


The news pages will cover any of the more formal announcements related to my work and also to this website as they come up. These will be the most important announcements rather than the more social, friendly comments or information that will be presented in the less formal blog section of the site. This section is not going to be updated quite as often. However when there is a new announcement or news item you will find a notification of this published to both the Twitter feed and my Facebook page timeline. Later it will be possible to subscribe to announcements using your Facebook details.


In the articles section you will find a number of things. From reviews of products I have tried, products that I use regularly, giving you an overview of the devices/software and what I find worth using. These may not be magazine quality reviews or discussions but will give you my point of view of the product in a fair way based on being a user of these things. I will also include some guides on the way I work, my workflow and how I have produced some of the images in the portfolio as I become more proficient in producing high quality images. Lets wait and see how that bit works out.


My blog will be a little more fun with a conversational style and will discuss what I am up too, my plans for the future as well as just some of my thoughts at random. I have become a little more open and honest so be aware of this when reading the blog, it may not always be restricted to photography subjects alone, it could end up being about completely random subjects. These will also be reposted to the Facebook and Twitter pages, particularly where they are photography related.


When I am up and running, once I have reached a point where I am happy I am sufficiently skilled and professional then this section will appear in the content area and will cover events. These are courses I am taking part in such as exhibitions or could include training courses I will be running. It would be nice to be able to share some of the knowledge with others who want to learn and develop their own photography skills.

Awards & Recognition

The awards and recognition information will appear in the about menu section of the website, the page itself will build to show awards gained as time goes on through competitions. It will also contain recognition listings for any images that have been published or exhibitions I have taken part in.