The great logo adventure
Sun 07 Sep

The great logo adventure

Written by Sunday, 07 September 2014 729 views

It all started on a cold dark night in an alleyway off the main street, lol only kidding. Wow, logo's for a business, never knew how much work was involved!! I sat down to think about my logo and realised just how much needs to go into it. A logo really has to mean something to you and be able to explain what you do as well as who you are. It never seems as easy as just sitting down with a designer and saying, do this or do that unless you have a strong, clear vision in your head. Thankfully this was a little easier for me as I was updating a previous logo I was never happy with.

That still does not mean it is easy or that you should rule out replacing your logo with something else if you find a new style that makes more sense for you. I knew I did not want to replace a logo and theme just to follow the crowd. Far too many people just go with the generic firstname lastname photography style logo and plaster it over everything. That just does not bring a true theme to your work or who you are and is too easy to do. For that reason I have stuck with my business name I chose a long time ago and a theme for the logo.

Due to my lack of skills when it comes to wielding the various wooden or otherwise drawing implements in a really proficient and meaningful way. I have told you I can draw a stick figure right! it is a bloody good stick figure as well with all the arms, legs and everything. Anyway, I approached a good friend and graphic artist for advice and to take on the commission work to update my logo. After some back and forth discussion, many, many, many refinements and lots of sketches or suggestions I have an updated logo to use for business cards, for the website and various other things. This is a re-working of the original image I had put together myself in the past in a rush and if I admit not very well!! No I am struggling to be a good photographer but I will certainly never be a graphical artist. My thanks and appreciation goes to Kimmie Simpson of Krimson Artworks. I am very grateful for all her help and understanding with my complete inability to answer anything sensibly in reply to those questions or to come up with a clear defined plan. Kimmie did a great job and I am very happy with the results. If you ever need some form of artwork completed then I cannot help but to recommend Kimmie as someone you should consider, feel free to visit her pages and see some of her example work. I will include links to her pages at the bottom of this post for you to go to. Hopefully I will be able to repay her help at some point soon.

When it comes to the logo itself, I should explain its relevance and some of the background to it. The logo is a combination of the solid fixed strength of a lighthouse on a coastal rock, lighting the way to those lost in the dark. This is continuing the emotional theme of my work. It also has a personal meaning from a childhood nickname I had. I love the detail, texture and colour of the logo that comes through in the original image although it does not come through well and I am not going to post the full quality version she produced for me but trust me the texture of the paper comes through with the rich colours. Kimmie did a great job of this and if I tell you most of her work is hand drawn before being moved to the digital form you will understand how talented she is. I hope that you like the logo and it is not just me that likes it :)


Kimmie Simpson (Krimson Artworks)