Blogging for beginners, my first post
Mon 08 Sep

Blogging for beginners, my first post

Written by Monday, 08 September 2014 1448 views

Welcome to you all, I think it is time now for my first ever blog posting. I will start by warning you of some simple things, I am not the most skilful and eloquent of writers, my spelling can be very bad and unfortunately my grammar can be a little bit of a failure. I am not going to pretend my writing ability is anything more than that. I have never had a blog before but I need to make more of a rounded effort in my presentation of my photography and running a blog to connect with people seems a good start. That will include keeping people more up to date with what I am doing as well as linking the various media channels I use together.

So what am I planning for my blog then, what sort of things are you going to see posted by me in the future? Well once I take the training wheels off and graduate to my big boy blogging pants, I will get up and running with posting regular updates :) I am planning to make my blog postings a little more chatty and relaxed, a bit of fun back and forth with people. You might pick up some insights into who I am, you might hear about my latest bit of fun photography session along with a small gallery of images. There is not going to be any fancy or high brow chat in this section though, I will leave that for the news and articles postings on the website. The links to my latest blog posts on the website will be shared to both my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Why not stop and have a look around the website while you are here, it's not finished yet, there are lots of unfinished bits but I will let you all know when it's fully finished and ready for a proper launch. I am working on getting it up and running as well as refining the template themes of the site, honestly, I promise that should not be too long now. However as the core website is nearly in place I am also now going to get the chance to get back to actually doing my photography again instead of just sitting coding web pages every night.

Ok I should wrap up here for my first posting :) most of the blog postings will be fairly short like this with bits and pieces included along with them. I am sure you will see that as well as getting to know me and who I am as time goes on. Thanks again for stopping by and taking some time to read my ramblings.