Facebook changes
Thu 16 Oct

Facebook changes

Written by Thursday, 16 October 2014 970 views

Yes its time for a blog post and an update on my photography, its been a week or two since my last blog post and I really want to keep this moving forward and progressing rather than being forgotten about. So I thought I would organise a post on something I have been working on but also something that requires a change to the way that I publish photography material online. Sorry I know that sounds cryptic however I will try to explain what I mean by this to you.

The first point is that I have come to realise that my photography is somewhat wide and varied, I no longer find myself producing images in one particular style or source material. Not all of this fits together well and is of interest to everyone. I produce not only landscape and still life images but also portrait photography, some macro photography and motorsports images. I have realised that for instance the motorsports images may not be of interest to those who like the landscape images and vice versa. I have also started to move into some more sensual and  emotional images, including things such as boudoir photography. Again this probably does not fit in well with the original facebook page etc. I have been thinking long and hard about how to integrate this sort of imagery and have made a decision on this.

Some of you may already have noticed the change in the cover image on the page. As of today I am going to seperate the images I produce out into three clear subjects on facebook. You will find the original facebook page has now been renamed "Arock Images Fine Art", within this page you will start to find more of my traditional images including, landscape, still life, street photography, and macro photography etc. I am now going to put into place a second facebook page dedicated to motorsports subject matter, "Arock Images Motorsports", I know this is more of a specific area and of interest to different audiences. I will leave the historical images on this page as there is a lot of comment history however in the future any images related to this subject will be moved to the new page. Images posted in future to the new page will be split down to albums depending on the motorsport involved or particular events. Finally, for the new subject matter again that may not be of interest to everyone in my audience I have creating a new page, "Arock Images Sensual" to contain this different senusal and soulful style of images including some portrait material, boudoir material and other items. This page will only be visible to those who are registered as over 18 on Facebook. The links to each of these are as follows and it now leaves each person to like the particular pages of interest or any combination of them they have an interest in seeing images for, hopefully this will avoid people seeing things in their timeline for image types they are not really interested in :-

For the Flickr page I run, I will continue to mix both motorsports and traditional fine art images, however I am unlikely to share much of the sensual material on there. 

Finally for the website there will be a new section in the portfolio area to accomodate the new sensual material, this however will be marked as suitable for over 18's only. I will also be seperating out the events section into individual events, this will make sense if I start to offer packages later for wedding photography etc. I will also be splitting down the motorsports into sub-sections based on the subject material as I plan for the facebook page.

This will all co-incide with the plans to update the website and get the news section online, to prepare for things like the shop going online, training pages, events and articles being added as well. There will also be the background prep for the photography packages I hope to offer in the future to be put into place. Finally I will be adding a few of the things such as soem of the information on images I have previously had published in magazines etc. Hopefully this should get the website into a organised state and make it the hub for all my work and link to the various social media etc. I am also hoping to get the mailing list online that will allow people who do not use social media to follow the blog to recieve updates on news and blog articles etc, to keep up to date with everything happening.

Fingers crossed that makes sense to you all, thanks for your understanding through this re-structure stage.