Spammers, Scammers, Hackers and other 'ers'
Sun 01 Mar

Spammers, Scammers, Hackers and other 'ers'

Written by Fraser Catlin Sunday, 01 March 2015 1898 views

Arrrrgg, Avast, me hearties, how be ye landlubbers.. Sorry could not help myself there, just been sailing the pirate infested waters that are the internet far too much recently. Or maybe I should be using some sort of cowboy theme here. Hmm, I am overthinking things again, bugger I really need to learn not to overthink things!!!

Anyway I have been busy, very busy the last few weeks doing things for the website, I will post something in the news section of the website about that soon although one thing got let out the bag early a few days ago to a couple of people. Oh well, back on subject again, focus Fraser! It seems that the internet is pretty much full of scammers, spammers, hackers and other equally annoying 'ers' that are a pain in the proverbial posterior. Damn those ers I tell you damn salty dogs, bilge rats, send ye to Davy Jones locker and be done wit ye!!!!! Oops back on the pirate theme again I guess. I am now starting to get control with this, I have managed to go from 20,000 or more hits to the website back down to a more realistic 1,000 a day( no I don't get a thousand hits of real visitors a day but I can dream). Managed to stop the 100s of fake emails arriving by bots posting on the contact form with their stupid adverts and removed the fake comments and adverts these people posted to the one article I accidentally left with comments enabled, could not believe when I found it with over half a million comments all for rubbish. All the forms have now got added security on them as well as data verification to hosted spam detection suppliers and a heck of a lot of people have been banned from connecting to the website. Glad user data is all held with partner websites so nothing actually risked being compromised. These people are a real pain, trying to advertise rubbish, everything from drugs to sunglasses or other unsavoury things. Just glad to have finally got some form of control of it.

Right need to get going, have a chilled out night with a glass of red wine and a book of a photographers historical work to enjoy. Just keep an eye out this week for some updates on the things at the website and what I am up to, should be starting to turn on a couple of things soon :) enjoy your week me hearties, splice the mainbrace and share out that rum, arrrrrggghh