Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00

Formula Ford Meeting 6 2014

Well its been a quick few weeks and I am more than overdue in publishing the blog posting from meeting number 6 of the SMRC championship from Knockhill. I think I am getting quicker at these things honestly, alright I am useless really. Anyway back to the subject, the meeting itself looked to be a turning point for the Strong Broo Racing team I follow through the championship after some progress on the continued saga of the ride height and setup of the car. The race meeting however turned out to be very eventful for all the wrong reasons in the end and one that I am sure all who attended would prefer had not happened.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00

Formula Ford Meeting 5 2014

Well as promised in my great catch up plan, here is the posting for meeting 5 of the SMRC Formula Ford championship. I was hoping to produce lots of wonderful images for this after the failure last time due to doing my pit crew thing. Err yes, maybe I should practice a little more it seems! I also have this feeling that maybe next year I should look at trying to find the money to move from having a £1 million PLI to a £5 million version, if it is possible because that fence is getting right on my nerves. Some nice shots just get ruined having to try to filter out the fence or missing the moment as the camera focuses on the fence itself :( Oh well back to my amazing story telling abilities, honestly I have told you they are amazing right?!?

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:00

Formula Ford Meeting 4 2014

For todays blog posting we have the SMRC Knockhill meeting 4 of 2014, a little behind with my editing so this one should have been published a while ago. Some background since this is the first time I have posted one of these meetings as a blog posting. I have been going to the SMRC meetings this year as a friend of one of the teams, the Strong Broo Racing team who take part in the Scottish Formula Ford 1600 championship. Its been helping me to improve my motorsports photography as well as a chance to spend time with a great crowd of people. The team is made up Neil Broome driving and Scott Armstrong doing the mechanic and pit crew work

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